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REPRODUCTIVE NEEDS AND FITNESS FOUNDATION focuses on health issues that affect both men and women more especially reproductive health; Infertility, sexually transmitted infections, exclusive breast feeding, safe abortion, puerperal sepsis, depression in women, abuse, postpartum depression, puerperal psychosis, pelvic inflammatory diseases, cervical cancer, prostate disease among others. Executing its activities through health talks and seminars (religious denominations, schools, associations and the likes), radio programs, television programs, health screening and health educational novels…

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All our events contribute to the health and development of the entire nation.

International Year of the Nurse & Midwife 2020-2021 (Ghana edition)

Renef foundation is proud to be a part of The Global Celebration of the Year of the Nurse & Midwife. Activities such as Health screening and Blood donation exercise taking place in almost all the regions of Ghana…

W'apomuden firi Wo Ara

The program is to empower our audience to take complete charge of their own health. Requisite information about Simple lifestyle, diet, natural and home remedies, right health approach, practical & holistic health is enough to help you stay healthy…

RENEF Home Health Tit Bits

Through TV/Radio programs, topics such as Vaginitis, UTI, Pre-mature ejaculation, Hypersexuality & many more are discussed with suggested dietary & natural therapies representing in images for your easy understanding…

As a non-profit organization interested in the health and well-being of Ghanaians:

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We are a non-governmental organization established in 2006 in Ghana that seeks to champion the course of good health through public education with keen interest in reproductive health. Simply see Renef as a solution to health issues that affect both men and women; equipping people with practical knowledge to enable them be well-informed about diseases.

Along side our health programs and seminars, we also provide health educational materials to better equip you with the knowledge worthwhile to ensure good health & longevity. Each book is represented with explicable images to enable even semi- illiterates the opportunity to understand the concepts stated there-in.

Current Research about COVID -19 states emphatically that ,people with strong immune defence only experience mild to moderate symptoms when infected and recovers very early .As a health advocate, I have been burdened to simplify in pictures the common foods that enhances our immune system and those that compromises the immune system making us easily susceptible to infections. Aside that I have also bring to fore the common herbs and natural remedies around us that will help boost our immune system. COVID – 19 is no joke .Please observe strict precautionary measures and thrive on right diets.


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"Indeed it was an interesting interview on May Measurement Month on Hypertension. Thanks so much Madam Adwoa Konadu Yiadom for the opportunity.God bless you."
"I like the way you educate the public, sometimes a bit of humour... Notwithstanding, you are serious in your profession, that's good. I've learnt a lot from you. Keep it up".
D Edward Sei

Kumasi Metropolitan
Ashanti Region, Ghana


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A non-governmental organization established in 2006 in Ghana that seeks to champion the course of good health through public education with keen interest in reproductive health.

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